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  • HDT Rotor System

    The shape of HDT tools, low profile rotor bars, stronger forged tool holder design, and a staggered tool pattern provide excellent mulching performance and durability. In some models a patented step-tool pattern provides even greater performance. HDT excels in stringy vegetation and where working material into the soil is necessary.

  • DCR Rotor System

    The Fecon DCR brings a superior level of performance and value to mulching, controlling the depth of bite and directing material flow so that energy is reserved for production. The innovative DCR cuts quickly, delivering better fuel economy and more uniform particle size.

  • FGT Rotor System

    The FGT rotor system is a drum-style configuration featuring a smooth rotor surface, spiral tool pattern, and innovative tool shape for smooth, efficient cutting. In addition to outstanding performance, the FGT rotor system is built to last in the severe application of mulching.

  • Overall Width63" | 1600 mm - 85" | 2210 mm
  • Max Flow45 gpm | 170 lpm - 65 gpm | 246 lpm
  • Standard Weight2,350 lbs | 1066 kg - 3,050 lbs | 1383 kg
  • Working Width50" | 1270 mm - 72" | 1930 mm
  • Min Flow24 gpm | 91 lpm - 24 gpm | 91 lpm