Fecon Dynamic Mobile Balancer
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    The Fecon FMB-200 is a state-of-the-art dynamic balancer with full spectral vibration analysis. Not only does it walk you through the balancing process indicating where to add weight and how much, but it also analyzes all frequencies to help troubleshoot vibrations that are not from rotor imbalance. It can tell the difference between a rotor imbalance, a failed bearing, or bent shaft, as well as othersources of damaging vibration.


    The Fecon FMB-100 is an extremely cost-effective solution to the damaging vibration caused by rotor imbalance. The FMB-100 mobile balancer tells you how out-of-balance the rotor is (magnitude), and where adjustments are needed (phase/angle). Once these adjustments are made, you will notice an amazing difference in performance and efficiency.