Fecon Excavator Mulching Head 12-20 Ton
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  • BENEFITS THAT MAKE A BULL HOG THE IDEAL CHOICE FOR YOUR EXCAVATORTwo rotor systems with many cutting tool options — Double Carbide, High Abrasion, Stone Tool, Viking Sword, and Viking Axe.The Bull Hog is a low-maintenance design and we provide optional mounts that mate to your machine.Includes variable displacement hydraulic motors that optimize rotor speed and torque for maximum production in small or larger material.
  • BUILT TO MAKE IT HAPPENAttached to an excavator, the Bull Hog forestry mulchers are perfect for clearing trees and brush along roadsides, ravines, creeks, riverbanks, and places that could otherwise be difficult to reach.Fecon offers a free engineering evaluation for your carrier. Contact us for an evaluation today so that we can maximize the performance of your attachment to run off of the power and flow of your excavator mulching head.
  • FECON BULL HOG MULCHING HEADS FOR 12-20 TON EXCAVATORSFecon Grinding Technology (FTG) rotor with Double Carbide tools.Variable displacement 55cc hydraulic motor.Adjustable hydraulics to match carrier flow and pressure.