Kleemann MF 16 S
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  • Secondary impact crusher

    Mobile secondary impact crushers are used as secondary crushing screens in the second and third crushing stage for soft to medium-hard natural stone. In contrast to the primary impact crushers, the plants have a third impact toggle. It is responsible in the crushing process for the particularly fine grain shape. Here, the material crushed at the first two impact toggles is additionally ground. Fine grain sizes are thus created, such as high-grade flint or sand. Due to their design, secondary impact crushers are more suitable for small feed sizes – where they also demonstrate their full potential.

  • Innovative diesel-electric drive concept - impressive performance with the best possible consumption values

    The crushing plants are equipped with efficient, powerful diesel-electric drives. They ensure environmentally friendly operation combined with low fuel consumption.

    Efficient and powerful diesel-electric drive (A) for low fuel consumption (crusher and all conveyor belts are driven electrically)

    External power supply (B) for even more economic application in quarries

  • Screen surfaces

    During the daily routine, screen surfaces are really put to the test. To guarantee long-term, reliable screening to the desired final grain size, the screen surfaces from KLEEMANN are made of particularly wear-resistant spring wire steel or round wire.

    Thanks to the double-anchoring at the crossings, they have a high mesh stability for uniform screening. The screening result itself is determined by numerous factors. The most important influence factors include the grain shape, the humidity content and the feed volume.


Feed height inches 10 in
Hopper volume 4.6 yd³
Feed height 12 ft 10 in
Max. feed size 16 in x 10 in
Feed height feet 12 ft