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  • Capacities:

    Fuel tank: 52 gallons (197 l)
    Cooling system: 5.5 gallons (21 l)
    Hydraulic reservoir: 52 gallons (197 l)
    Diesel exhaust fluid: 5 gallons (18.9 l)

  • Moldboard:

    Tapered moldboard with replaceable cutting edges and factory set 7’ (2.13 m) operating system
    Float position provided and hydraulically raised, lowered and tilted
    Multi-purpose auger moldboard - OPTIONAL

  • Steering:

    Hydraulic power steering
  • Instrumentation:

    Low engine oil pressure, high engine temperature alarm/shut down
    Fuel gauge
    Oil pressure gauge
    Tachometer gauge
    Water temperature gauge
    Hour meter
    Air filter restriction indicator
    Hydraulic sight level and temperature gauge
    Diesel exhaust fluid gauge

  • Weight:

    Total: 20,140 lbs (9,135 kg)
    Front: 10,020 lbs (4,544 kg)
    Rear: 10,120 lbs (4,590 kg)
    Total: 23,500 lbs (10,659 kg) with swivel
    Front: 7,300 lbs (3,311 kg) with swivel
    Rear: 16,200 lbs (7,348 kg) with swivel

  • Drive:

    Hand operated servo controlled, variable speed hydrostatic pump with internal pressure override
    Variable speed hydrostatic motor
    Dana heavy-duty off road, two-speed gear box and no spin differential

  • Operator Area:

    Fully-enclosed cab included safety glass
    Front and rear wiper and washer
    Deluxe seat with safety belt
    Instrument Panel
    Sound suppression
    Tilt console

  • Dimensions:

    Length: 34’ (10.36 m) with 28’ (8.53 m) straight conveyor
    40’ (12.19 m) with swivel attached
    Width: 8’ 6” (2.59 m) transport
    Height: 11’ 7.5” (3.54 m) minimum
    12’ 11” (3.93 m) maximum

  • Additional Standard Equipment:

    Lockable cab
    Convex and west coast style mirrors
    Fail safe brakes system
    Cold weather engine package (block heater and glow plugs)
    Fuel/water separator
    Front fenders
    Head lights and turn lights
    Safety beacon
    Back-up alarm
    Vandalism protection
    Rear window guard

  • Feeder Assembly:

    Replaceable paddles attached to a chain assembly driven by a hydrostatically operated gear reduction and drive shaft/sprocket assembly
    Feeder chain assembly has float capability
    Paddle size: 3’ (.914 m) wide x 6” (.152 m) high

  • Tires:

    Front tires: 9R x 22.5, 12 ply
    Rear tires: 14 x 24, 12 ply

  • Engine:

    130 hp (97kw) Cummins diesel
    Type: Four stroke turbo charged, in-line, 4-cylinder, Tier 4F diesel engine
    Air cleaner: Heavy-duty dual element air filter with precleaner and a restriction indicator
    Electrical system: 12 volt with 130 Amp alternator
    Batteries: Two 12 volt, 835 CCA (each)

  • Brakes:

    Service brakes are hydrostatic dynamic braking
    Secondary brakes are foot operated, power assisted wet disc
    Parking brakes are spring applied hydraulically released wet disc

  • Conveyor:

    Hydraulically raised and lowered
    Belt is a heavy-duty, reversible, 2-ply polyester cord carcass with rubber covers
    Includes 1” (.254 m) rubber cleats
    Independently controlled for variable speed
    Conveyor length: 28’ (8.534 m) standard
    Belt width: 30” (.762 m)
    Belt speed: 0 to 600’ per minute (182 mpm)

  • Training, Support and Company:

    Training and support manuals
    Optional on-site operator training by Dealer
    One-year, unlimited hours warranty against any manufacturer defects
    Extended warranty available
    50+ years manufacturing experience
    ISO 9001 Certified
    Manufactured in the USA

  • Optional Equipment:

    Heating/air conditioner
    LED night operating lights (4 lights)
    Truck signal light
    Radio/CD/speaker, cab install
    180 degree swivel conveyor
    - 180 degree rotation
    - Hydraulically raised and lowered
    - Belt is a heavy-duty, 2ply polyester cord carcass with rubber covers
    - Includes 1” (25.4 mm) rubber cleats
    - Conveyor length: 8’ (2.43 m)
    - Belt width: 30” (.76 m)
    - Belt speed: 539’ per minute (164 mpm)
    - Swivel conveyor stands optional