Keep Your Equipment Running Efficiently

John Deere WorkSight™ brings together our most advanced technology into one seamless package.

At Papé, we know working in the West Coast construction and forestry industry is demanding – day in and day out. To keep you moving and your equipment running efficiently, John Deere products come backed with John Deere WorkSight™ technology. John Deere WorkSight™ brings together our most advanced technology into one seamless package. In the process, it also brings together your machine, your technician and you.

Rather than waiting for a piece of equipment to break down, slowing workflow and delaying projects, John Deere’s WorkSight™ cutting edge technology enables project managers to take proactive actions when managing their machinery. With John Deere WorkSight™, a constant supply of data is interpreted and transformed into a management tool that improves efficiency and saves valuable resources.

Eliminate the guesswork and trust John Deere WorkSight™ to keep you moving with cutting-edge technology.

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  • JDLink
  • Fleet Care
  • Service ADVISOR Remote
  • Payload Weighing
  • Grade Control

JDLink Machine Monitoring System

Featuring durable and state-of-the-art technology in the machine, and an easy-to-use and informative online platform at your fingertips, JDLink™ enables you to monitor your machines from anywhere. With JDLink™, project managers can access valuable information such as fleet location, work status, and maintenance warnings. Keep tabs on every piece of equipment, so we can keep you moving.

Fleet Care

By combing JDLink™ data, fluid analysis, and routine machine inspections, Fleet Care gathers all the essential information for making early and accurate diagnoses. Rather than waiting for an equipment problem, the program is able to identify potential issues and provide operators with preventable equipment care solutions. Fleet Care is a proactive, data-focused technology that you can trust to keep your machinery operating at their highest efficiencies.

Service ADVISOR Remote

With Service ADVISOR™ Remote, your John Deere dealer can help you reduce downtime by reading diagnostic trouble codes remotely, as well as recording performance readings. You don't have to be watching, and a technician doesn't have to be visiting. Readings can be taken while you still have full functionality of your machine. If parts are needed to fix the problem your technician discovers through Service ADVISOR Remote, he can send the right ones out the first time. Using Service ADVISOR Remote, your machine can also receive wireless software updates, avoiding a technician trip to the jobsite with laptop in hand. That’s what you get with Service ADVISOR Remote, another John Deere exclusive.

Payload Weighing

Eliminate the guesswork. Available for John Deere loaders and Articulated Dump Trucks, the Payload Weighing systems provides features such as overload protection, carry-back calculations, and roll-over protection and more efficient loading. Precise load measurements eliminate the risk of overloads and enable project managers to make significantly more accurate job quotes. When combined with JDLink™, the payload weighing system also allows for off-site tracking through the online platform. Trust payload weighing technology to keep your ADTs and loaders operating at higher efficiencies.

Grade Control

If there were one word to describe what grade control is all about, that word would be “exact.” Now you can do the same work you’ve been doing for years at greater speed, in fewer passes, with more accuracy. The control box’s computer compares the cutting-edge position to the design elevations and then displays cut-and-fill information. Grade control literally guarantees that required heights are met to eliminate the risk of overrunning estimated time and budgeted costs.

It may sound complicated and expensive, but the fact is it’s easy to use, and the cost doesn’t compare to the return on investment. In fact, one of the most common statements grade-control providers hear from satisfied customers is “I paid for it on the first job.”

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