John Deere 370E
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  • Engine

    Employs cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR), easily maintained exhaust filters, and selective catalytic reduction (SCR).

    Conserve power and fuel with engine, hydraulic, transmission, and service-brake coolers that run only when necessary. Reversible hydraulic-drive fan option back-blows cooler cores minimizing manual cleaning.

    Condition-based ash-service intervals for the diesel particulate filter notify operators before service is required.

  • Onboard weighing system

    Optional onboard weighing system displays the payload while loading and even illuminates mirror-mounted load lights to alert the operator and job superintendent when the ADT is nearing capacity. Load tonnage is also accessible through JDLink™, so you can monitor productivity from virtually anywhere.

    The system has been factory calibrated to two-percent accuracy when payload exceeds 50 percent.

  • Cab Comfort

    Sealed and pressurized cab keeps out dust and noise.

    Larger entryway allows for easier ingress and egress.

    Adjustable air-ride seat provides maximum comfort.

  • Ground-Level Maintenance

    Filters, diagnostic ports and hydraulic oil reservoir are easy to access. An industry-leading feature, Deere machines can be checked and serviced daily from the ground, eliminating the need for tie-offs. This is a big advantage on MSHA regulated sites.

  • Standard Tire Pressure Monitoring

    Standard tire pressure/temperature-monitoring system helps maximum tire life and fuel efficiency. A passive alarm appears on monitor if pressure drops by 10 percent.

  • Auto-diff lock

    Traction-boosting auto-diff lock engages and disengages as necessary, simplifying operation. Or it can be engaged on-the-fly if slipping is occurring.

  • Safety Features

    Safety features include autohorn, industry-leading transmission retarding, and braking performance for steep grade control. Easy-to-activate cab tilt doubles as a remote park-brake release (optional).

  • Mirror Mounting

    All-new mirror mounting increases visibility, reduces vibration, and allows walk-through access to the engine compartment.

  • Dump Body

    High-alloy-steel dump body and chassis deliver superior strength and rigidity without adding weight.


Fuel Tank, ltr (gallons (US)) 609 (160.9)
Struck Capacity, m� (yd�) 16.3 (21.3)
Heaped Capacity, m� (yd�) 20.5 (26.8)