Topcon TP-L6
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  • Applications
    • Construction Survey/Layout 
    • Grade Management 
    • Utility/Underground 
  • Overview

    Top Quality

    Our pipe lasers are known for quality. We were the first to provide green beams and auto alignment. We have the longest lasting battery on the market. And now we're the first to offer a mobile app to check and control the instrument without climbing into holes.

    Laser Manager Mobile App

    Laser Manager, the new Android mobile app, puts many of the most common pipe laser functions directly on the user’s own device, such as:

    • Automatic target acquisition
    • Move the laser’s beam left, right or center
    • Check grade status
    • Activating the optional plumb beam
    • Set or calculate grade angle
    • Change laser mode to steady, flashing or low-power
    • Check battery status
    • Viewing an electronic bubble level

    This new functionality increases the speed of setting up the laser and reduces time workers spend in holes, low light situations and cramped spaces.

    Benefits of the TP-L6 paired with Laser Manager

    • Mobile app makes seeing and configuring settings easier
    • Less time climbing down into holes
    • Lower risk of injuries
    • One battery can last the whole week
    • Same battery can be used in other Topcon equipment