Topcon i-33 Grading System
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  • Applications
    • Mass Excavation 
    • Site Work 
    • Landfill 
  • Overview

    Get it right — from the beginning

    Bulk earthmovers are on site from the beginning. Topcon I-33 systems realize the accuracy, simplicity and flexibility of GPS grade indicate on your bulk earthmoving jobs. They are step-in configurations into 3D. I-33 are indicate only, but fully upgradeable to automatic.

    The system allows continuous cuts on multiple elevations, slopes and complex designs. The operator simply works from 3D models of the job loaded into the control box, or they can create slope and elevation designs in real time.

    I-33’s flexible configuration offers multiple solutions for elevation only or elevation and slope work. Minimal mounting and components means it’s easy to prepare all machines, so I-33 is always on the machine where it’s needed.