Topcon 3D-MC Platform
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  • Overview

    Reduce staking and increase
    productivity significantly

    For road building, site work, contour grading, or any other complex surface grading requirements, 3D-MC from Topcon increases money to the bottom line – where it counts. With the reality of minimising grade stakes and providing unmatched material control capability,Topcon integrates 3D technology successfully into site production workflows.

    3D-MC gives the operator a productivity tool. It simplifies grading and gives opportunities to put the focus on material and safety.


  • Applications
    • Mass Excavation 
    • Mass Haul 
    • Site Work 
    • Road Work 
    • Landfill 
    • Milling 
    • Asphalt Paving 
    • Concrete Paving 
    • Utility/Underground