Wirtgen SP 94i
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  • Slipform paving inset

    In inset application, the concrete is either deposited right in front of the slipform paver or is fed in front of the machine from the side via a belt conveyor or side feeder. In the next step, the concrete is distributed evenly across the full paving width by a spreading auger or spreading plow. Built-in electrical or hydraulic vibrators ensure homogeneous compaction of the concrete. The inset mold forms the concrete surface to the specified thickness and width while the slipform paver travels forward. In addition, a dowel bar inserter can be added which inserts the dowel bars into the concrete as specified parallel to the paver’s direction of travel. Central tie bars or side tie bars can be inserted perpendicular to the concrete pavement. The oscillating beam scrapes the surface across the roadway. Afterwards, a super smoother can smooth the concrete surface.

  • WIRTGEN leveling technology

    WIRTGEN’s leveling technology adjusts height, depth, and pitch for extremely accurate results. In the process, the system permanently compares the actual values to predefined target values and adjusts the deviations proportionally. This state-of-the-art machine technology consistently guarantees outstanding leveling results and significantly reduces the machine operator’s workload.

    WIRTGEN offers customers reliable hardware and software developed in-house. In this context, a variety of systems are used depending on the construction project and local conditions at the job site.


Machine weight 52,910 - 143,300 lbs
Paving width without crown 6 ft - 32 ft
Paving width with crown 12 ft - 32 ft
Height adjustment, mechanical 19 in
Exhaust emissions category EU Stage 4/US EPA Tier 4f
Travel speed 0 - 72 ft / min
Operating weight, CE 59,612 lbs
Rated power 231 kW / 310 hp
Paving height 0 - 18 in
Number of crawler tracks 4
Paving speed B1: 0 – 39 ft / min, B4: 0 - 23 ft / min
Displacement 543 in³