Height infinitely variable
Lubrication centralized lubrication system, electrically-driven grease pump
Speed 130 rpm
Version with replaceable auger blades, reversible direction of rotation
Conveyors 2
Version with replaceable feeder bars, direction of conveyor temporarily reversible
Drive separate hydraulic drives, proportional control
Standard height hydraulically adjustable by 6 in


Length Screed Total length VR 600 22 ft 6 in VF 600 21 ft 6 in AB 600 TV 21 ft 9 in
Maximum laydown rate 1,540 US t/hr
Operating weight Screed Total weight VR 600 49,160 lbs VF 600 48,280 lbs AB 600 TV 49,490 lbs


Exhaust emissions after-treatment DOC, SCR
Nominal output 250 hp / 2,000 RPM
ECO mode output 224 hp / 1,700 rpm
Manufacturer Cummins
Type QSB 6.7 - C250
Exhaust emissions standard European exhaust emissions standard 4, US standard EPA Tier 4f
Version liquid-cooled 6-cylinder diesel engine


Standard oscillating
Positions can be adjusted in a forward direction by 3 or 6 in


Screed heating electric, thermostat-controlled
Power supply three-phase AC generator
Screed Type Basic width Maximum width Compacting systems VF 600 10 ft 25 ft 5 in V VR 600 10 ft 28 ft 3 in V AB 600 9 ft 10 in 27 ft 11 in TV


Track tension adjuster hydraulic
Lubrication of track rollers lifetime
Version provided with rubber pads
Travel speed (up to) 7.46 mph
Ground contact 2,994 mm x 457 mm
Paving speed (up to) 250 fpm
Traction drive crawler tracks electronically controlled separate hydraulic drive provided for each crawler track


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