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  • WIRTGEN leveling technology

    WIRTGEN’s leveling technology adjusts height, depth, and pitch for extremely accurate results. In the process, the system permanently compares the actual values to predefined target values and adjusts the deviations proportionally. This state-of-the-art machine technology consistently guarantees outstanding leveling results and significantly reduces the machine operator’s workload.

    WIRTGEN offers customers reliable hardware and software developed in-house. In this context, a variety of systems are used depending on the construction project and local conditions at the job site.

  • Mixing procedures

    Cold recycling can either be carried out in-plant by transporting the material recovered from an existing road to a central warehouse and passing it through a mixing plant, or in-place/in-situ using a cold recycler.

    In the in-place/in-situ mixing process, a cold recycler granulates the existing pavement and homogeneously mixes in the binding agent and water.

    In the in-plant mixing process, RAP and crushed rock are transported to a mixing plant near the construction site.

  • Cold recycling with CR model series

    The cold recycler’s rugged milling and mixing rotor granulates the damaged asphalt pavement. The granulated material is homogeneously mixed with a binding agent and water sprayed into the mixing chamber to produce the new mix on the spot.

    If the CR is equipped with a built-in paving screed, the mix is conveyed towards the center as a result of the helical design of the milling and mixing rotor and subsequently transported to the paving unit via the primary conveyor. The spreading auger distributes it evenly in front of the variable paving screed, which ensures that the mix is paved true to line and level.

    In cold recycling with built-in rear loading, the mix is conveyed to the asphalt paver’s material hopper via the primary and discharge conveyors. The paver then paves the surface true to line and level.

  • Control technology

    All WIRTGEN machines feature a built-in, high-quality machine control system. The fact that the majority of its software is developed in-house plays a key role in this regard – WIRTGEN has placed a special focus on ongoing development, thus significantly increasing the operational reliability of its machines. Many years of experience in software and hardware development also makes it possible to achieve more flexible and sophisticated machine functionality in terms of the range of applications and individual customer requirements.

  • WIRTGEN cutting technology

    High quality results are the goal of every construction project. This applies to road rehabilitation using cold milling machines and cold recyclers as well as to soil stabilization and the extraction of minerals with surface miners. In order to remove pavement with precision and efficiency, it is essential that the drum, pick holder, and pick work together perfectly.

    WIRTGEN is the market leader in cutting technology and offers customers high-performance cutting systems whose components are designed to be fully compatible. In addition, WIRTGEN continuously makes advancements to these cutting technology components, incorporating its practical experience and feedback from customers into the process.


Working depth 13.8 in
Working width max. 7 ft 8 in
Operating weight, CE 106,924 lbs
Maximum power 775 kW / 1,038 hp
Operating and travel speed 0 - 288.7 ft / min (0 - 3.3 mph)
Displacement 7.2 Imp.gal
Exhaust emissions category EU Stage 5/US EPA Tier 4f