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  • Oscillation

    In an oscillation drum, two eccentric shafts are fitted at a 180° angle to each other. Both unbalanced masses rotate synchronously, which causes the drum to perform a rapidly alternating forward-backward rotational movement. This results in the compaction energy being transmitted forward and backward tangentially into the ground below in the form of shear forces. The oscillation system developed by HAMM achieves compaction results that are scientifically proven to be more homogeneous and higher-quality, leading to faster, more significant compaction increases. The scope of application is enormous.

  • Split drum

    When negotiating corners and roundabouts and when performing tight steering maneuvers, attempting to perform compaction without twin drums can lead to material being displaced and cracks forming on the surface. A split drum prevents this from occurring as the two halves rotate at different speeds. This minimizes shear stress on the asphalt and avoids surface cracks and material being displaced. With the split oscillation drum, HAMM also offers a technology that combines the advantages of a split drum with those of oscillation. The result: Maximum compaction quality.

  • Easy Drive

    Simple and intuitive operation is becoming increasingly important for state-of-the-art construction machinery. With Easy Drive, HAMM has, therefore, developed a standardized operating concept for tandem rollers (HD+ and DV+ series), compactors (H series) and pneumatic tire rollers (HP series) that reduces complexity to a minimum and enables operators to react quickly and correctly in no time at all. Alongside its clear, intuitive, easy to learn operating concept, Easy Drive comprises a range of features that improve ergonomic, safety-related and service-related characteristics.


    HAMMTRONIC is an electronic machine management system that monitors and controls all key machine functions, consequently increasing safety, economy and fuel savings. The opportunities offered by HAMMTRONIC include, for instance, automatic adjustment of the diesel engine speed to meet the power requirements of the individual drives. Moreover, HAMMTRONIC controls start-up and braking, and distributes the drive torques across the drum axis and back wheels in line with current operating data. HAMMTRONIC also controls the hydrostatic vibration drive and the various steering programs (for DV+ series only), guaranteeing even, smooth movement of both drums.

  • HAMM Compaction Quality (HCQ)

    HCQ comprises a number of HAMM products designed to measure, monitor, document and control compaction and compaction processes. This includes the HAMM Compaction Meter, the HAMM Temperature Meter and the HCQ Navigator. These components continue to determine the rigidity value, the asphalt temperature and the position of the roller throughout compaction. A panel PC (touchscreen) on the driver's platform then visualizes the entire data package in the form of a real-time "compaction map" and shows the roller operator where has already been sufficiently compacted and where further passes are still required. The WITOS HCQ Navigator process module also allows you to follow the construction site progress worldwide in real time.


Series DV+
Name DV+ 70i VO-S
Series H277
Description Tandem roller with vibrating roller drum and oscillation drum