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  • Oscillation

    In an oscillation drum, two eccentric shafts are fitted at a 180° angle to each other. Both unbalanced masses rotate synchronously, which causes the drum to perform a rapidly alternating forward-backward rotational movement. This results in the compaction energy being transmitted forward and backward tangentially into the ground below in the form of shear forces. The oscillation system developed by HAMM achieves compaction results that are scientifically proven to be more homogeneous and higher-quality, leading to faster, more significant compaction increases. The scope of application is enormous.

  • Three-point articulation

    Three-point articulation is different to conventional joints due to its geometric arrangement and connection of the three individual joints and one additional connecting link between the two conventional upper joints. This allows optimum steering, excellent driving safety and maximum driving comfort.


Description Tandem roller with vibrating roller drum and oscillation drum
Name HD 10 VO
Series HD CompactLine
Series H230
Exhaust emissions category EU Stage V / EPA Tier 4