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  • Compaction technology

    VÖGELE sets the benchmark with products that deliver a phenomenal degree of precompaction in the paving process. Cutting-edge technology and the most advanced materials guarantee the outstanding performance and reliability of VÖGELE compaction technology. This applies to all VÖGELE compacting systems, from vibrators all the way to the VÖGELE high-compaction system with tamper and pressure bars.

  • Manufacturing Technology

    VÖGELE screeds feature leading-edge technology made possible by state-of-the-art production processes. The first of these processes, the precision cutting to shape of extremely wear-resistant sheet steel, takes place on laser cutting stations. Robots which operate continuously to a consistently high standard ensure long-lasting, stable welds.


Compacting systems TV
Frequency (max.) 50 Hz
Vibrators (V) eccentric vibrators
Speed (max.) 1,800 rpm