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  • The analysis and documentation module

    This module facilitates objective assessment of the project by providing data for various evaluations and analyses. Easily-understood and clearly-arranged diagrams and charts enable the site manager or planning engineer to draw important conclusions from a completed project.

  • The job site module

    Clients are increasingly demanding the use of intelligent process management systems. WITOS Paving Docu is a reliable and straightforward solution for the digital documentation and analysis of small and mid-sized job sites. It is the ideal tool in cases where precise data recording is required, but where there is no need for active process optimization.


Product category software
Positioning GPS
Operating system Windows/Android
Interface QR code
Integration HCQ data from HAMM
Contains data from RoadScan (if available)
GPS receiver integrated (smartphone/paver)
Control web applications, Android apps, paver operator’s ErgoPlus 3 console
Transmission wireless – real-time
Measurement tolerance ±
Modules 2 (Analysis & JobSite)