5 Ways Construction Drones Can Reduce Costs on the Job


From helping you win work to saving money on the jobs you’ve already won, construction drones can help you improve processes, enhance accuracy, and reduce costs. Here are five ways our construction customers find cost savings on the job site with drone technology.

Topographic Surveying

Traditional construction surveying is a time consuming and costly task. It requires boots on the ground, highly trained (expensive) employees, and takes days to complete. With construction drones, this process is simplified to a few clicks of a button and can be completed in just a few hours with survey-grade accuracy. Plus, drone surveying produces richer visual data than a traditional survey by layering a high-resolution photo of the land under the topographic map. Including this type of orthomosaic topographic map with your bids sets you apart from the competition.

Cut/Fill Analysis

For earthmoving jobs, the capabilities of a construction drone like the Kespry Drone 2s allows construction project managers to keep a closer watch on job progress. With unlimited flights, project managers can run a cut/fill analysis on a weekly or daily basis to track progress instead of just once at the beginning of the job.

Stockpile Measurement

Construction drones use aerial data capture to calculate volumes, manage materials, and automatically create inventory reports. No matter the type of material, construction drones provide accurate measurement in minutes. Calculating pile volumes more frequently will ensure you know how much is in your inventory at any given time.

Remote Monitoring & Management

Running between your job sites multiple times each day to make sure projects are on track is costly and ineffective. With drone technology, monitor all your jobs in real time right from the office. The video, images, and data reported back let you know the productivity level of your team, the equipment required is on site, and alerts you of any problems that arise.

Frequent Inspections

Ongoing inspection during a job is always a good idea. It helps prevent costly mistakes before it’s too late. Unfortunately, the cost of having someone on site doing daily inspections is often prohibitive. With a construction drone, inspections are done quickly and as frequently as you need for no additional cost.

Once a building pad is flat, for example, CAD designs can be overlaid with drone imagery to identify any misplaced utilities or concrete over pours, allowing you to prevent costly mistakes before they happen.

These are just a few of the ways drones are being used in construction to lower job costs. For more information on how your company can benefit from drone technology or to schedule a demo, contact the experts at Papé Machinery Construction and Forestry .

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