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Available Attachments

Make the most of your current fleet of machines and save money in the process by renting out attachments from Papé Machinery. With a variety of attachment types available, your machine can be as unique as your current project. Learn more about everything we have to offer and find the right tool for the job.

Excavator Attachments

Our excavator attachments are engineered to maximize the efficiency and versatility of these machines. Browse buckets for excavators and backhoes, forks, and brush rakes. Whether you're digging and trenching or working on a demolition site, we have the tools you need to increase efficiency and get the most out of your machines.

Compaction Wheels

Our compaction wheels are engineered to streamline compaction tasks, ensuring solid and uniform surfaces. They attach easily to excavators and compactors, aiding in compaction for trenches, roadways, and foundations.

Skid Steer Attachments

Skid steer attachments unlock the full potential of these versatile machines, enabling them to tackle a wide range of tasks on construction sites. Choose from augers and trenchers to forks and backhoes to enhance your skid steer's capabilities for tasks like excavation, landscaping, and demolition.

Wheel Loader Attachments

Our wheel loader attachments are designed to enhance the performance and versatility of larger loaders. From buckets and forks to couplers, we carry a large selection of parts to meet the needs of your unique jobsite. Choose these attachments for tasks such as material handling, land clearing, and snow removal.

Why Rent from Us

At Papé Machinery, our team of knowledgeable technicians inspect and maintain every machine we have onsite. So as a full-service dealer, you can be sure that the equipment you rent is ready to operate at full capacity the moment you rent from us. Additionally, we also offer a large selection of OEM parts and attachments, plus complete machine repairs.

Construction Rentals Near You

With locations throughout Oregon, Washington, California, Nevada, Idaho, and Hawaii, a Papé Machinery dealer is always close by. Find a store in your area to learn about our parts and services, new and used equipment, plus current in-stock rental units.