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Grade Control Systems We Offer

Whether your work in construction, paving, or land development, Papé Machinery offers grade control systems to help you complete your jobs efficiently and effectively. Below are some of the types of equipment we have available for rent.

Motor Grader Systems

Motor grader systems are engineered to provide precise elevation control for grading surfaces. They enable operators to achieve consistent grades, smooth finishes, and reduce material waste. Choose this option for road construction, building pads, or fine grading applications.

Dozer Systems

Dozer grade control systems allow operators to achieve grade accuracy, while they push or spread material. These systems enhance efficiency by eliminating the need for manual grade checking, reducing rework, and increasing overall productivity. Ideal for bulk earthmoving, slope work, and trenching.

Excavator Systems

Excavator grade control systems bring accuracy to digging and trenching operations. With real-time bucket position information, these systems allow operators to precisely excavate to the desired depth, minimizing over-excavation and reducing project costs. This option is perfect for foundation excavation and utility installations.

GPS Systems

Global Positioning System (GPS) grade control systems leverage satellite technology to provide real-time positioning data. Ideal for large-scale construction projects, these systems offer accurate 3D positioning information, allowing operators to achieve precise grading, paving, and excavation without the need for physical reference points.

Laser/Optical Systems

Laser and optical grade control systems are perfect for smaller construction sites or projects requiring line-of-sight accuracy. These systems offer reliable grade control for dozers, graders, and excavators.

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