Pneumatic Roller

At Papé Machinery Construction & Forestry, we have a wide selection of pneumatic rollers available for rent from industry-leading manufacturers. Often used in roadway construction to achieve superior density of base material prior, pneumatic rollers improve the look of finished paving. Complete the rental request form on this page or contact your local Papé Machinery dealership for pneumatic roller rental pricing.

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Pneumatic Roller Width Weight
GW750 77" 23370

Steel Drum vs Pneumatic Rollers

Trying to figure out whether a steel drum roller or a pneumatic roller would be a better addition to your paving operation? While both pieces of equipment can be used in the same applications, a pneumatic roller offers better static penetration than a steel drum roller, particularly noticeable when working with stiffer mixes. We recommend giving both a try before investing in one or the other. Contact us today to reserve a pneumatic roller for your next job.