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  • SmartGrade™ technology
    SmartGrade™ Excavator SmartGrade™ Excavator

    SmartGrade™ technology is changing construction and revolutionizing the way you will run your operation. In the past, workers were prone to mistakes and required frequent grade checks to ensure the precision of their work. Now, with guidance and control to increase their speed and accuracy, operators of all skill levels can benefit from these new tools.


    SmartGrade™ technology improves productivity with fewer mistakes and less downtime.

    • Quickly and confidently achieve grade with fewer periodic grade checks.
    • Improve accuracy and time to get to final grade for operators of all skill levels.
    • Machine is equipped with elevation, eliminating the need for benchmarking or catching a laser.
    • Upgrade kits allow you to adopt technology at your own pace.

    No loss of investment and no need to purchase a new machine, you have precise accuracy when the time is right.


    We know how over-grading, understaffing, and lack of time add up to rework. Especially given that the jobsite is never the same two days in a row. That is why our flexible grade-management tools are engineered to minimize rework or avoid it altogether while obstacle Intelligence uses cameras, radar, and machine learning to protect anyone in close proximity. Machine monitoring and Connected Support keep you updated with machine and fleet performance to boost productivity and keep your business humming.  



    Eliminate Rework  

    • Maintains set bucket angle for precise grading while operator controls machine position.
    • Monitors elevation and slope information on any terrain. 
    • Fewer passes regardless of operator experience level.



    Increase Efficiency 

    • Remote Diagnostics give real-time updates on machine service intervals and can prevent service visits to the jobsite.
    • Machine telematics are shared with our Monitoring Center and your dealer via the cloud.
    • Track key metrics, from individual machine productivity to total job progress. 


    Whatever you are up against, we have the tools to help you get the job done. 


  • Improved Front Joint Durability
    Central lubrication at arm tip Central lubrication at arm tip
    Internal view of central lubrication grease path Internal view of central lubrication grease path
    Two-piece front pipe clamping Two-piece front pipe clamping

    P-Tier updates build on the proven G-Series design.  Take front joint durability to new levels compared to G-Series.

    • Grease point at arm tip for easy greasing and extended uptime
    • Better torque retention at the clamp reduces the likelihood of front hydraulic pipes moving
    • Redesigned boom foot bushings improve durability


  • Up to 7% improved fuel economy
    Electronic cooling fans Electronic cooling fans

    At John Deere, we understand that jobsite conditions are tough and operating costs can drain your business. With electronic cooling fans now included on our 210, 250, 300, 350 and 380 P excavators, your fuel economy can improve by up to 7%. This not only helps your operation run more smoothly but can also help you save both time and money.


    These new features have improved fuel economy:

    • Reduce engine load with electric on-demand cooling fans.
    • Individually serviceable fans with four bolts and one connector to remove and replace.
    • In-line aftertreatment for reduced restriction and system complexity.
    • Increased front piping diameter reduces hydraulic restriction, positively impacting fuel consumption.

    With improved fuel economy, you can experience less downtime and lower daily operating costs.


  • Work Confidently via Optional Cameras and Lighting
    Right, Rear, and Left Cameras with additional LED Surround Lighting Right, Rear, and Left Cameras with additional LED Surround Lighting

    Optional Right Rear and Left Camera system with additional LED surround lighting work together to provide the operator enhanced 270 degree visibility around the machine.  All integrated into the main monitor.


    • Work confidently with enhanced visibility even in low light conditions
    • Powerful LEDs cast a pool of light surrounding 270 degrees of the sides and rear of the machine.  Cameras display surroundings to the operator in the main monitor
    • LED front work lights and rear camera are still standard equipment
  • Quickly Change Attachments with Integrated Hydraulic Coupler Ready Option
    Hydraulic coupler ready option Hydraulic coupler ready option

    Factory installed hydraulic plumbing all the way to the end of the arm. Coupler controls integrated into a switch in the cab. Quick and efficient coupler installation. Popular in the underground segment, couplers allow excavators to efficiently switch attachments and get more productive working hours each day.

    • Ease of installation – pin on the coupler, connect the hydraulics, get to work.
    • Compatible with multiple coupler manufacturers (see dealer for details).
    Addition Details:
    Coupler control switch on left side pilot tower Coupler control switch on left side pilot tower
    Coupler control switch Coupler control switch


Fuel Tank, ltr (gallons (US)) 628 (166)
Hydraulic Tank, ltr (gallons (US)) 193 (51)