5 Industry Trends Every Contractor Should Watch In 2018


Staying ahead of the competition means keeping up with industry trends and adapting to new technology. Learn more about our top 5 construction industry trends that every contractor should watch in 2018.

Construction Drones

As drone technology continues to improve, construction drones are beginning to show up on job sites across the country. Drones can be used for a number of tasks, including topographic surveying, cut/fill analysis, stockpile measurement, remote monitoring and management, and ongoing inspections. At Papé Machinery, Construction and Forestry, we’ve teamed up with Kespry Drones to provide quality drone intelligence for our customers.

Connected equipment

Fleet management is easier than ever with innovative equipment technology like John Deere Worksight™, which includes the JDLink™ Machine Monitoring System, Fleet Care, Service ADVISOR™ Remote, Payload Weighing, and Grade Control. These construction technologies connect the equipment data directly to your project managers, so you can access the information you need to eliminate the guesswork and keep your jobsite running safely, efficiently, and accurately.

Construction Management Software

If your company isn’t using construction management software, you’re likely less efficient than your competitors. As technology improves, so does construction management software, which means you can expect features for accounting, document management, risk assessment, job scheduling, and more.

Skilled Labor Shortages

The skilled labor shortage will certainly affect construction companies and jobsites in 2018. Because it’s harder to hire skilled workers in the current climate, it’s important to provide the benefits your workers need to stay happy, healthy, and productive in their positions. This can mean everything from preventing injuries and offering fair compensation to providing high-quality health insurance and equipment.

Improved Labor

While skilled labor shortages mean a decrease in manual laborers, different types of jobs are still being created in the industry. As equipment technology is more widely implemented, we will see an increase in improved labor positions. These knowledge workers will need the skills to create, operate, and maintain different types of technology, including everything from drones to grade control technology. Top Con Grade Control, for example, offers solutions for all construction applications, but requires people in improved labor positions to manage and innovate the technology.

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