Fluid Analysis Should Be Part of Your Preventative Maintenance—Here’s Why


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Wouldn’t it be great to know what’s going on inside your equipment at a microscopic level? John Deere uses advanced laboratory technology to analyze engine oil, fuel, and coolant to assess the overall health of your equipment. Fluid analysis helps prevent small issues from ballooning into major repairs .

Your technicians are invaluable to your team, but  fluid analysis provides insights your technician can’t identify without taking apart your engine. The process is simple, too--technicians take fluid samples from your equipment and mail them to an oil analysis lab to be processed. A detailed report with the results is usually available the same day the samples are received at the lab.

What Issues Can Fluid Analysis Identify?

  • Contaminants – The oil analysis lab report identifies any contamination in the machine’s oil like bacteria, fungus, mold, and dirt. Contaminants like these clog fuel filters and lead to premature fuel pump failure.
  • Metal Wear As equipment ages, various components start to break down, leaving metal flecks floating throughout the system. A fluid analysis identifies which metal particles are present in the oil sample detailing which parts are beginning to fail.
  • Combustion Inefficiencies An analysis of the cetane index, distillation, and flash point will pinpoint problems with ignition quality.
  • Oil Quality Oil analysis evaluates the condition of the fluids in your machine so you know the best time to replace it. As engine oil deteriorates it becomes less effective at protecting the parts it’s supposed to lubricate.
  • Abnormal Coolant Up to 40% of engine failures are caused by a cooling system failure. A coolant analysis alerts operators to abnormalities in the fluid to help deter further deterioration.

Even with strict adherence to a manufacturer’s maintenance schedule, component failures can occur as your equipment ages. Take control by adding routine fluid analysis to your planned preventative maintenance schedule.

For more information about fluid analysis or for John Deere parts and service , contact your local John Deere dealer , Papé Machinery Construction and Forestry.

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