Professional Parts & Service Support for Backhoes

With locations across the West, you can count on Papé Machinery Construction & Forestry to ensure your fleet operates as it should. We’re here to help you with parts, service , and backhoe maintenance support so you can get the job done. With parts & service locations throughout the West, Papé Keeps You Moving?.

With our extensive selection of OEM and aftermarket parts, you can rest assured your backhoe performs as the manufacturer intended. From our outstanding field service capabilities to our thousands of in stock parts, our highly trained service technicians are dedicated to your uptime. Contact our parts or service departments or explore our customer portal for your backhoe maintenance needs.

Maximize Your Uptime with Papé Service

  • Expert 24/7 support for all backhoe makes and models
  • Onsite backhoe maintenance and repair services
  • Factory-trained technicians that understand John Deere backhoes with precision and the skillset you deserve
  • Large backhoe parts inventory and expert parts specialists to address your needs
  • Backhoe rentals to keep your business running smoothly

All Common Repairs & Maintenance

Backhoe Hydraulic Cylinder Repair

Are you overdue for backhoe hydraulic cylinder repair? Since a backhoe uses hydraulic cylinders for lifting, digging, and moving earth, it’s important to ensure the seals around the piston rod aren’t leaking. We can help to reduce your downtime and perform the necessary backhoe hydraulic cylinder repair for your equipment.

Hydraulic Hose Inspection and Replacement

Since hoses are constantly used at the worksite, worn, leaking, and ruptured hoses are some of the most common causes of downtime. Contact our team to schedule a maintenance place to avoid any future replacement needs.

Greasing Critical Components

If your backhoe’s components aren’t properly lubricated, it can cause excessive wear and tear with the bucket, bushings, and loader arm. Avoid causing friction and utilize our technicians to apply the proper amounts of grease to your back loader.

Fluid Inspection and Replacement

Since there are several specialized fluids that propel your backhoe, it’s crucial to ensure they’re operating properly. Having your engine oil, transmission oil, and coolant remain free of contaminants and at the right level can help ensure your backhoe is prepared for its next project.

Air Filter Replacement

Tough jobs take place in dirty or dusty conditions, meaning air filters are important to ensure your backhoe’s performance isn’t hindered. Reduce contamination from the worksite to ensure your fuel consumption and internal parts are working properly

Diagnostics & Maintenance

Technology changes constantly, which is why we offer backhoe maintenance and diagnostic services to ensure your equipment is up-to-date. Let us help you monitor your equipment’s needs.

Expert Technicians

Did you know that Papé + Ultimate Uptime can help you keep up with routine backhoe maintenance? You can get ahead of repair needs and sign up for ongoing maintenance when you purchase your backhoe - that way, you eliminate the guesswork and only deal with expected costs. The technicians at Papé know exactly how to handle all makes and models to ensure the lifetime of your machinery lasts as long as it should. We know how to recognize warning signs and intervene quickly before the damage turns uptime into downtime. With 24/7 support, you can count on Papé Machinery Construction & Forestry to deliver the service and convenience you need with your construction needs. While we have backhoe repair shops, we will also come to you for onsite backhoe maintenance and inspection needs. Minimize any downtime issues through our rental program and make the most of what our backhoe technicians can do for you.

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