Parts & Service Support for Dozers

Your machinery plays a vital role in the smooth operation of your worksites. When these machines are down, productivity suffers, and project deadlines become challenging to meet. Papé Machinery is dedicated to delivering high-quality service and repairs, minimizing downtime and reducing the time your equipment spends in the workshop. Our proficient repair technicians possess exceptional expertise, enabling them to swiftly diagnose issues, perform necessary repairs, and expedite your return to work. Discover top-notch service, parts, and maintenance support for your dozers and construction equipment at any of our numerous locations across the western U.S.

We also offer a variety of OEM attachments and parts for your machine. Speak to one of our parts professionals for more information or find what you need in our equipment parts portal.

Maximize Your Uptime with Papé Service

  • Expert 24/7 support for all makes and models of dozers
  • Onsite dozer maintenance and repair services
  • Factory-trained technicians on all John Deere models
  • Wide selection of parts and inventory
  • Available dozer rentals to help keep your projects on track

Common Dozer Repairs & Maintenance

Engine Repair

Encountering issues with your equipment's engine? Our expert technicians possess an in-depth understanding of these engines. Whether you're dealing with fuel system problems, clogged injectors, or line leaks, we have the solutions you need.

Control Repair

Experiencing difficulties with steering and controls? We are here to diagnose any issue, whether it's related to wiring problems, malfunctioning switches, or other concerns.

Hydraulic Repair

Experiencing a drop in hydraulic system pressure? Our factory-trained technicians are well-versed in maintaining these machines, from addressing fluid losses to changing fluid filters and more.

Track Maintenance

Do your dozer's tracks show signs of wear or disconnection? Extend their lifespan by scheduling regular inspections, cleaning, and tensioning.

Keep Your Dozer Running Smoothly

Papé + Ultimate Uptime service plans offer a comprehensive solution for routine maintenance. Sign up when you acquire your equipment to eliminate uncertainty and unexpected expenses. With decades of experience servicing all makes and models, we understand the lifetime expectations of every machine. Our team is available 24/7, ready to provide onsite maintenance and inspections at your location. In cases where your heavy machinery requires time in the workshop, rely on Papé's rental equipment to ensure your projects remain on track. We maintain a wide selection of machines for rent, ensuring that emergency repairs never hinder your progress.

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With multiple locations across the western United States, Papé Machinery Construction & Forestry is your dependable partner for professional routine maintenance and rapid emergency repairs, ensuring your business operations continue seamlessly.