Parts & Service Support for Wood Chippers

From industrial wood chippers to smaller models designed for residential use, our repair team is prepared to service whatever you throw their way. Offering unparalleled knowledge and experience, our technicians are able to quickly diagnose problems and offer long-term solutions for the future — keeping you at the job site rather than in the shop.

Find the best service, parts, and maintenance support for your wood chippers and construction equipment at one of Papé Machinery’s dozens of locations across the western U.S.

Plus, we offer a variety of OEM attachments and parts for your machine. Speak to one of our parts professionals for more information or find what you need in our equipment parts portal.

Maximize Your Uptime with Papé Service

  • Expert 24/7 support for all makes and models of wood chippers
  • Onsite maintenance and repair services
  • Wide selection of parts and inventory
  • Available wood chipper rentals to help keep your projects on track

Common Wood Chipper Repairs & Maintenance

Clogs and Excess Debris

Your chipper can shred all kinds of things — from wood and grass trimmings, to leaves and roots. Over time, these materials can build up and cause the machine to lose efficiency or even stalling issues.

Dull or Damaged Blades

Without sharp blades, your wood chipper is going to have a difficult time performing and you risk damaging the machine. That’s why our repair team carries a variety of replacement blades and also offers blade sharpening to keep your machine running like new.

Engine Repair

Our expert technicians understand how to keep these smaller engines running smoothly, saving you the headache of constant repairs. Whether it’s an issue with the fuel system, clogged injectors, or line leakage, we’ve got you covered.


Whether you’ve got a flat tire, need bearings greased, or require brake maintenance, our technicians are here to inspect and repair any and all issues.

Expert Technicians

Service plans from Papé + Ultimate Uptime are your routine maintenance solution. Sign up when you purchase your equipment and eliminate guesswork and unexpected costs. Thanks to decades of experience servicing all makes and models, we know what to expect over the lifetime of every machine. Our team is available 24/7, ready to visit your location for onsite maintenance and inspections. And when your heavy machinery requires time in the shop, keep your projects on track with Papé rental equipment. We always have a wide selection of machines for rent, so emergency repairs will never slow you down.

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With dozens of locations throughout the western United States, Papé Machinery Construction & Forestry can help you keep your business moving with professional routine maintenance and emergency repairs.